Ninja Writer

Well I’m officially a Ninja Writer! I’ve had a week of doing some thinking and surfing on the internet for things to keep my creativity going. And to make sure I do some writing everyday and keep my creativity flowing for NaNoWriMo next month (Holy Chapters, only 19 more days to go!). So I’m taking the Ninja Writer challenge of writing for a minimum of 10 minutes a day for 30 days. I know I’ll mostly write longer than that. It’s inevitable, I can’t write for just 10 minutes. I get lost in the words.

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5 Minute Fiction

This time it wouldn’t be so easy to fool them. I was the original manipulator but everyone in the family has appeared to be seeing right through the fake smile I plaster on my long thin lips. Maybe my eyes are¬†showing the truth after all these years. Continue reading

Music and Writing

I really tried to sit and write without music this morning. I realize now that writing of any kind whether it’s fiction, creative or blogging I really can’t seem to focus without my playlists. I literally sit here staring at the screen, fingers hovered over the keyboard then then a sound grabs my attention and I’m off to figure out what it was and then an hour later forget what I was originally doing.

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Autumn Awakening

It was just supposed to be the usual Monday routine walk to run an errand as I’ve done every Monday for the past month. However it didn’t turn out to be the usual walk. As I found myself halfway to the destination I noticed a familiar smell. The sun was warm and the air was damp still from the morning dew. I was at the fence that followed along the top ridge of the road going into the cemetery.

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Humbled Beginnings

Precious had never been in need of anything in her life. She was always taken care of. Always clothed, fed and never without a roof over her head. She only worked to have a bit of free cash in her pocket but never to actually support herself. Upon being given two days off from work after not having any time off from work in 7 months she received a phone call saying she was not needed back.

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