Mother Nature’s Surprise

Today seemed to be a day to stay in and bundled up under the soft comforter with a cup of steaming hot tea and a good book. Until I looked out the window upon hearing an incredibly loud moan. I went to the window and saw no one and shrugged it off to my imagination from my book I was reading.

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Mindless Writing

Even with prompts I sometimes spend an entire day trying to figure out what to write with it. Poetry is not exactly something I’m practiced in and try to leave that to those who are better with prose than I am. I did get a new app on my phone for prompts. Between Daily Prompts on The Daily Post and the mobile app I thought I’d have plenty to keep the creativity flowing and keep the writers block at bay.

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Music and Writing

I really tried to sit and write without music this morning. I realize now that writing of any kind whether it’s fiction, creative or blogging I really can’t seem to focus without my playlists. I literally sit here staring at the screen, fingers hovered over the keyboard then then a sound grabs my attention and I’m off to figure out what it was and then an hour later forget what I was originally doing.

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