False Call – 20 Minute Exercise

Somehow she had hung up the phone and made it to her driveway. The tears pouring down her face. The one hour dive from work took only twenty minutes as she broke every law getting there. She didn’t remember the drive. Everything was a blur. The neighbor called while Brenda was in a conference and demanded to speak with her. An emergency happened at home and the police were there.

“You need to get home right away. The police are everywhere at your house.” Mrs. Hannigan panted into the phone.

“What happened? What’s going on? Is Carl okay?” Brenda asked gripping the phone and leaning on the table. Everyone was staring at her.

“I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him come out of the house. Just get here as soon as possible.” Mrs. Hanigan whispered as Brenda could here the door bell in the back ground.

“It’s the door, I’ve got to go. Drive safe and hurry.” were the last words she heard before the old woman hung up the phone.

Brenda held out the black handset and stared then looked around the room. Various faces of ten men and women sat staring at her with concern and questions in their eyes that they dared not answer.

“Sorry, we will have to pick this up on Friday. I’ve got an emergency at home. Claire will call you with the time.” Brenda managed to get out as she hung up the phone and turned to run for the door.

After stopping by her office to grab her coat and purse she found herself on auto pilot heading for her car in the parking garage and headed home.

As she pulled up to her house she noticed the road was blocked by police cars two houses down and all the neighbors standing in their driveways watching. Brenda put her Toyota in park and shut the engine off. “Please let him be ok.” she muttered out loud to herself as she opened the door and got out. She made her way between the police cars wiping the tears from her cheeks as she ran to the yellow strip of plastic cutting the scene off from other people. As she was about to duck under the tape a police officer nearby ran over and told her she couldn’t go any further. They couldn’t have anyone contaminating the crime scene.

“But it’s my house. My son is home! Let me in. I want to see him! She shouted trying to push past him.

“Are you Brenda Floss?” He inquired.

“Yes! What in hell is going on? Is Carl ok?” She questioned in hysterics.

The officer motioned her through.

“We had an urgent call about sounds of gunshots from a neighbor. I’ll let you talk to the officer in charge but you can’t go in the house yet.” he informed her.

As the officer introduced her to Detective Emerson she saw Carl coming out of the house in tears and white as a ghost. Her thirteen year old son could only be heard saying that he had the television up loud and watching an action movie.

Carl ran from the officer escorting him down the walkway and ran into his mother’s arms.

“I’m so sorry mom, I was watching an action movie with the volume really loud. The cops came in with guns and I was so scared!” Carl pulled from his mother and looked at her with his blood shot eyes and tears streaming down his face.

“Oh, Carl as long as your ok! I think I just about had a heart attack when Mrs. Flannigan called!” She cried as she put her hands on his face, cupping his cheeks.



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