Mother Nature’s Surprise

Today seemed to be a day to stay in and bundled up under the soft comforter with a cup of steaming hot tea and a good book. Until I looked out the window upon hearing an incredibly loud moan. I went to the window and saw no one and shrugged it off to my imagination from my book I was reading.

I returned to the words fixed on the pages between the hard cover and to my alternate reality. Again I was pulled from my story with another moan and then whistling wind against the house. I returned to the window dragging my comforter behind me in one hand and my book and tea left on the glass top coffee table. Peering out the window the entire view was trees billowing with strong gusts of wind . Leaves falling and floating as if they were snowflakes falling in a blizzard. Yellows, Oranges, Browns and Reds fluttering. My idea of being inside floated out the window just as the leaves where floating over the landscape. My curiosity and desire to capture the moment on camera overtook me.  I’m blessed she would give me this inspiring moment. I tossed on my sneakers and sweater, grabbed my nearest digital camera and headed for the door. Three hours later I photo-bombed Instagram and spent the evening doing ghostly edits on the computer. Did I give a bit of flattery to Mother Nature? I think I did.



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