Mindless Writing

Even with prompts I sometimes spend an entire day trying to figure out what to write with it. Poetry is not exactly something I’m practiced in and try to leave that to those who are better with prose than I am. I did get a new app on my phone for prompts. Between Daily Prompts on The Daily Post and the mobile app I thought I’d have plenty to keep the creativity flowing and keep the writers block at bay.

I get overloaded with storms of ideas but when I go to type it out I come up blank and then when I’m no where near the laptop, mobile or pen and paper I have all sorts of creativity happen. I’m not sure what happens but I’d love to have even an hour a day where I write out what ever happens to be there without any issues. I’ve come to the conclusion that the prompts I get from the phone is something I need to use only as a daily exercise and possibly limit it to a 10 minute speed exercise. Sounds like more trouble than it’s worth to me but I really do have a mass amount of creative writing in me. It’s just hiding when I want to write, then hounds me when I can’t. I have to be careful to stay on topic or plot depending on what I’m writing and why. A simple brainstorm can turn into plot bunnies with a current story, or my current plot ends up taking a turn into something else. I’ve shelved 3 novels I had started because of this and my current novel for NaNoWriMo next month isn’t looking like it will make it past the first draft if this keeps up. I so need to clear my head out!

Do you as a writer have this issue? If you do how do you get through it and keep on track of your current writing?



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