On The One Hand

Although I’m doing NaNoWriMo Prep for next month, I had a couple of days where I opened up my PageFour program and went to set to finishing up on my character outlines and kept getting distracted. I had on the one hand made up my mind to do a paranormal thriller, third person POV and got absolutely nothing done regarding the character outlines.Why? Because I’ve been sitting here having an argument with myself. This happens to me every time I sit down for NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNo. I get a story, plot and get things started then BAM! I find my brain doing flip flops with other possible plots, and I usually spend a week arguing with myself and end up going with my original idea. It’s just the routine I ended up having for the past two years. So apart from playing “Eenie Meenie” with story ideas that nothing will come of it all. I think this whole scenario should be called “Pre-NaNoWriMo Story Agrument Ritual”. So the question remains: Why do I go through this argument if at the end of the 5 to 7 days I go with my original idea for the story? Because my brain has to go through this fake debate on another possible plot in order for me to mentally settle down and actually write what I really originally want to write.

My question to you: Do you go through any pre-writing or pre-NaNo debates or rituals?



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