Autumn Awakening

It was just supposed to be the usual Monday routine walk to run an errand as I’ve done every Monday for the past month. However it didn’t turn out to be the usual walk. As I found myself halfway to the destination I noticed a familiar smell. The sun was warm and the air was damp still from the morning dew. I was at the fence that followed along the top ridge of the road going into the cemetery.

The sidewalk I always follow has at this point gone from houses lining the side of the road to giving way to woods that hide a plot of land that had been turned into an extension of the original cemetery that was down the street. I stopped and breathed in long and deep. I had been very melancholy the past few days and as I recognized the smell my bland and solemn mood changed immediately.

Nostalgia, happy memories flooded me and I didn’t want to move. I was afraid I’d lose the breakthrough and go back to my sullen errand. The scent that overtook me was that of Autumn. The crisp clean smell of the leaves changing. The wet leaves the colors of yellows, browns and oranges laying in the grass under the overhanging branches that were drying from the morning sun was covering me like a blanket. A blanket I didn’t want to shed no matter how warm the day’s sunshine was to bring.

Reality hit me as I realized that I had to break the reverie I was feeling and get moving. I had quite a bit more walking to do and still had to turn around and head back the way I came. Reminding myself to stop here at this spot on the way back and see if the smell of foliage would still be here waiting. I continued on my errand. Feeling my old feelings of depression returning as the scent faded behind me.


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