Humbled Beginnings

Precious had never been in need of anything in her life. She was always taken care of. Always clothed, fed and never without a roof over her head. She only worked to have a bit of free cash in her pocket but never to actually support herself. Upon being given two days off from work after not having any time off from work in 7 months she received a phone call saying she was not needed back.

Finding herself without a job wasn’t so much the issue. What she found was that she had no friends and no family who could take her in giving her a chance to get on her feet. Not one person she knew could give her a hand. The questions of whether it was due to her not being responsible and her family and friends tired of her taking advantage? Or the fact that they really couldn’t help due to their own troubles? She’s found herself on the street, sleeping in a tent in the cold weather, looking for work and trying to get help from resources that seem to offer a hand but have nothing to actually offer. Precious must now learn the value of being humble and helping herself and others as she finds that she’s not alone in the cold, hard streets.


This is a basic idea for a story that today’s Daily Prompt gave me an idea for.


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